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About Lesson

In general, the Bel Canto singing method is considered to be the most suitable for singing operas and vocal music such as Italian opera. And although there are various approaches to the singing method, I think that Libero Canto deserves the essence in terms of voice quality, musicality, and expression of spirituality. ..

We will give lessons so that you can freely make a bright and light voice that you originally have.

I often hear cases where a vocalist puts too much strain on his throat and hurt him, or a school teacher makes a loud voice to teach many children, students, and students and has a throat disorder. I will. Lajos Szamoshi, the founder of Libero Canto, treated singers, actors, teachers, priests and others suffering from functional dysphonia in a manner composed of light voice exercises.

We also welcome lessons as a second opinion. Please contact us.

My stance in the lesson

◆ Gentle vocalization is the basis of bel canto.

This means that nothing happens in the body between inspiration and expiration .

◆ Listen to as much quality music as possible to cultivate musicality.

Classroom information

We ask for a one-lesson system.

One private lesson is 45 minutes. It is preferable to start with 3 times a month, but we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Please contact us for details.


I started online lessons in the fall of 2020.

Please contact us for details and consultation.


Contact us


◆ Studio (Fujisawa City)… Nearest station; Odakyu Enoshima Line Honkugenuma / 2 minutes walk

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