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Here are the voices of some students.

Voice of lesson participants


What I noticed after learning Libero Canto singing


Elementary school teacher


After learning Libero Canto singing, I noticed the following.

● After taking this singing lesson, the range has expanded dramatically. Especially, it became easier to make high voices, and the voice type and repertoire changed from baritone to tenor.

I've become a tenor that I couldn't imagine before, and now it's a lot of fun to sing.

● Because the vocalization is in natural breathing, the body becomes light after the lesson. Since the body is light, the mind is also light.

● If you can utter correctly, you will not feel any discomfort in your throat after singing because the throat will not be strained when you utter.

● I have come to be able to sing long phrases in succession by carefully connecting vowels.

Therefore, it has become possible to correctly express the style of the song.

And I've come to feel the music more while singing.

● About guidance of children

In my previous vocalization, the pitch of the children who listened to the singing and sang was lowered, which gave a heavy impression. However, as I learned this Libero Caonto singing method, the singing has changed completely, so the voice of the child became brighter, the pitch became stable, and the harmony when singing became richer. I can feel it.

Rich and fulfilling lessons

Graduated from the Piano Department of Music University

Women in their 50s


About 10 years ago, I really wanted to sing an opera once in a lifetime.

After a lot of work, I am currently studying under Professor Satoshi Hasegawa of Libero Canto Japan.

The teacher spends most of the lesson on how to speak and use his breath. In the end, my voice, which was painful and oppressive, came out surprisingly easily, and I was able to draw phrases as I wanted.

Teachers are encouraged to record for lessons.

This is because recording allows you to objectively understand the state of your voice.

If you listen back to what was recorded, you will notice that the lesson has a surprisingly good voice.

This is because humans cannot hear their own voice as others hear it.

And the state of singing is objectively and surely transmitted, and the correctness of the teacher's guidance is understood.

This is the result of Libero Canto's vocal lessons.

I am a piano teacher.

Songs are very useful when I teach the piano.

For example, a melody line other than the theme appears on the left, and when I sing it next to the student, the student himself realizes its importance and the way of playing becomes legato.

The synergistic effect of the song and the piano blending together seems to foster a rich musicality.

Hasegawa-sensei's lessons are always rich and fulfilling.


Lessons for 6 members of a male chorus in Shonan. After that, I received an impression.

From a member of a male chorus in Shonan

Mr. A

Mr. B


Professor Hasegawa

Thank you for your valuable time in vocal practice yesterday for us.

I didn't realize it when I was taking the lesson, but when I listened to the recording, I learned a lot.

What impressed me especially was the illusion that I couldn't sing unless I took a deep breath, and the fact that there was something in common when I sang and when I talked.

Also, even if I changed to falsetto beyond my own range, I found that if I could utter without being aware of it, there would be no discomfort in listening. It was a surprising experience.

The teacher's lesson method seemed to be very unique, but I feel that I gradually realized that it fits the logic of speaking out naturally and naturally.

We have never taken such a lesson before, so we would be grateful if you could give us some advice on how to make the most of this experience.

Professor Hasegawa

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us a vocal lesson the other day.

Every time I listen to the sound source I recorded during the lesson over and over again, I notice a lot of things.

Above all, I had given up not to make a high voice, but I realized that it was an illusion that I could make it by changing the way I made it, that is, I could not make it.

Also, it was unbelievable to see everyone's voice changing to a very straightforward and light voice.

Even so, I was convinced that Professor Hasegawa's positive and polite teaching method was very easy to understand.

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